Zamar Z-ONE Therapy System Two-Week Rental

The Z-ONE is a compact and powerful therapeutic solution that provides effortless recovery results. The Z-ONE is a delivery system with constant and uniform temperature and compression with optimized settings that target your personal treatment.

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TEMPERATURE RANGE +5°C +15°C (41°F 59°F)
SCREEN LCD5” color TouchScreen
WRAPS Glycol Precharged
Glycol NON TOX freeze
Air Compression levels mmHg: 40-60-80
Working time up to 10 h.
Medical class for Applied Parts BF
Number of Wraps up to 2
Storable therapies 1+2
DIMENSIONS cm. 29 x 26 x 30h inch 11 x 10x 12h
WEIGHT 9 kg. – (20 lb.)
  • LCD 5’’, TFT color touch screen
  • Easy Software, Intuitive Menu icons
  • Possibility to select temperature and treatment time
  • Possibility to manage different levels and Duration of the AIR compression
  • 2 storable programs that can be customized by user
  • Totally automated cycle management
  • Fast connection of wraps and pipes with
Dripless System
  • Anatomic Wraps pre charge with glycol
  • NON-TOX cooling glycol
Therapeutic cooling technology without ice or water inside.


preloaded with glycol doesn’t need to refill or drain off the liquid.

Advance technology based on real-time temperature parameters.

Set exact temperature you want to reach.

Improves benefits of cold therapy and healing with 3 levels of AIR compression.
Possibility/strong> to select different AIR compression setup.

Complete range of Anatomic wraps designed on your body.

No set up time and preparation needed.

All treatment parameters manageable in one screen.

Light and handy can easily be with you anytime, anywhere.

Possibility to store your personal treatments for frequent use.

  • Direct point of contact with patient skin shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, abdomen, face, thorax-breast, hip, thigh, knee, and ankle
  • Zamar partners with hospitals and specialists on a continued basis for advanced developments and improvements for new wraps
  • Circulated cooled fluid from Zamar Devices  
  • Comfortable for continued usage
  • Optimized for consistent temperature exchange
  • Cold or heat is conveyed through insulated pipes and insulated thermo wraps that are secured with Velcro strips.
  • The Anatomic wraps remain soft in any condition and can be easily adapted to the body part to be treated. Zamar Therapy offers a comprehensive range of thermo wraps specific for each part of the body.
  • Zamar’s anatomic wraps allow a perfect transfer of heat and cold on the part of the body being treated thanks to the anatomic shape that maximizes contact with the body surface.
  • The hi-tech fabric maintains the wrap’s flexibility and softness even when used at low temperatures, as applied during the acute stage, avoiding burning from cold.
  • Through the Zamar wraps it is possible to apply a pressure, alternating or continuous, programmable from the control panel for an important lymphatic function. (Not available on all Zamar devices)

Zamar Therapy System Rental Program

Please read the following conditions

  • The rental fee will be debited from the nominated credit card starting on the first day of rental.

  • Rental fees will continue to be charged if Zamar North America is not contacted regarding the termination of your rental, or if the Zamar Therapy System is returned outside of the rental period.

  • If you decide to purchase the Zamar Therapy System within seven (7) days after the completion of your monthly rental period, payments made will be credited against the full cost of the device.  Please contact Zamar representative for more information regarding this option. 

  • If the equipment is no longer required please notify Customer Service ot 1-855-464-1000 three (3) days before the rental period ends.

  • Product must be in its original packaging.

  • If any equipment is damaged, lost or stolen, you are responsible for repair or replacement. Replacement cost will be charged at equipment replacement price.

  • This is not a rent to buy contract.

  • At the end of your agreement, provided you do not have any outstanding rental payments, you may:
    (1) Return the goods with no further obligation;
    (2) Continue to rent the goods;
    (3) Zamar North America may allow you to make an offer to purchase the equipment.
    (4) The Zamar Medical Device is Medical Technical device; to avoid damaging the product, treat it with care, do not drop, hit it or treat it with neglect.

If there is a problem with the equipment, please contact Customer Service on 855-464-1000.


The cold-hot treatment by Z-ONE device should not be applied on patients who:

  • who are in the acute stages of inflammatory phlebitis in the concerned area

  • who have previously suffered or are actually suffering for clinical signs which suggest deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism in the concerned area.

  • with significant arteriosclerosis or another ischemic vascular disease in the concerned area

  • presenting a patolagia (e.g. carcinoma) for which it is not appropriate an increase of venous return or lymph in the affected part

  • who have hypertonia in decompensated phase in the affected area

  • with a significant vascular compromise in the concerned area(eg because of previous freezing, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, or arterial ischemia)

  • with blood dyscrasias which influence the on-set of thrombosis (including, paroxysmal hemoglobinuria, cryoglobulinemia, sickle cell anemia, cold agglutinins in the serum).


  • incorrect positioning or prolonged use of the Zamar Medical system can cause tissue injury

  • in the course of therapy, patients should be monitoring the skin around the treated area of the treated limb or fingers to detect possibly burning, itching, increased swelling, or pain. If these symptoms are present or if any alterations of superficial skin (such as blistering, redness, discoloration or other signs of change) patients are advised to discontinue use and consult a doctor

  • the thermal wraps are available in various configurations but are not intended for all possible orthopedic uses

    For example, the Ankle Wrap is not intended to be used on the fingers and the Lumbar Wrap is not intended to be used the in abdominal region

Thermic therapy should be used only under the control of an authorized physician operator:

  1. has a wound in the concerned area (the wound should be medicated before treatment with the device)

  2. presenting an acute fracture, unstable in the concerned area

  3. that are less than 18 years or who suffer from cognitive disabilities or barriers to communication, both temporary (due to drugs) and permanent

  4. who suffer from heart failure or congestive heart failure

  5. which have a localized skin condition (eg dermatitis, vein ligation, gangrene) in the concerned area

  6. suffering from erysipelas or other active infection in the affected region

  7. suffering from Raynaud’s phenomenon or hypersensitivity to cold

  8. who suffer from hypertension or extreme hypotension

  9. who suffer from diabetes

  10. who suffer from impaired local circulation, or neurological impairment in the concerned area

  11. who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in the concerned area.

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